I wear several hats. I am large part of Savannah Professional Maintenance’s management team, I handle the marketing and web presence and I cover accounts as an environmental services associate.

It is ideal for a manager and company representative to have the experience of working in their employees shoes. You are able to gain a lot of perspective. Are your expectations with amount of time given to perform the work reasonable? Working behind the employee do you see where the employee can improve? How does the customer treat their workplace and what is their culture. Surprisingly, many companies have high standards for respecting the work environment and these are the accounts we love!

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to cleaning. Some people don;t think cleaning has been performed if they don;t smell a scent, others don;t want to smell anything. Some people have high standards but have no idea what the company is paying for and feel the service is not good. And sometimes we fall short and make mistakes! Yes your environmental services associate is human!

Environmental Service Workers are typically paid more than they were in the past. And while our job is to clean up after people it is not a thankless job. When you walk away from a building you worked hard to clean you see the result of your effort and know your customers are going to have a great day. We are humble servants behind the scenes here to help everyone have a great day!