Green Cleaning

Savannah Professional Maintenance

Green Cleaning is a buzz word in today’s cleaning industry and for good reason. Savannah Professional Maintenance can incorporate a green cleaning program into all commercial janitorial services plans.  The benefits of green cleaning are important to consider when deciding if a green cleaning plan is right for your janitorial services plan.

Green products are plant based and are either scent free or scented with organic plant and fruit extracts.  Traditional chemical based cleaning products use petroleum based fragrances and chemicals that have been shown to effect hormones, cause neurological problems and breathing issues

Benefits of Savanna Professional Maintenance’s Green Cleaning Program:

  • Sanitize without harsh chemicals and petroleum based fragrances
  • Product packaging minimizes waste, less environmental impact
  • Improved air quality 
  • Improves employee morale, staff feels valued 
  • Less risk of reactions than when using harsh chemicals
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