Commercial Floor Scrubbing

Savannah Professional Maintenance

When maintaining floors it is important to assure floors are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.  Utilizing a scrub machine Savannah Professional Maintenance can return your vct tile, ceramic tile, concrete and stone floors to their original beauty and cleanliness.  Scrubbing floors should only be performed by a professional floor maintenance company such as Savannah Professional Maintenance.  Failing to perform scrubbing using the correct pad, speed and products can damage floors and you could incur costs to repair or replace your floors.

Once floors are scrubbed to their original cleanliness, Savannah Professional Maintenance’s trained floor team will remove all dirt, debris and grime from your floors and if desired, we can apply 3-5 layers of high sheen professional wax for protection and pop on vct floors.  Stone, terrazzo, concrete and ceramic do not require waxing.  

Floor Scrubbing with Savannah Professional Maintenance Advantage:

  • Restores floor cleanliness to almost new condition 
  • Safely removes dirt, grime, detergents and reduces fall risk
  • Sanitizes and removes odors trapped in porous tile such as ceramic
  • Gently scrubbing marble and stone restores beauty and light reflection
  • Scrubbing floors on a routine basis extends the life of the floor

Odor Control

Scrubbing floors removes bacteria from porous surfaces, and is the most effective way to control bathroom odor. 

Mopping Creates Grout Discoloring

While routine mopping is effective and necessary for daily maintenance of ceramic and other grouted floors, mop water and moisture settles in the grout which is generally lower than the tile.  Over time, grout becomes discolored.  Products available to the general public will remove some discoloration, but for a true restoration to it’s original color, floor scrubbing is the recommended method.  Additionally, any bacteria and detergents that have settled into the pores of the tile and grout will be removed increasing safety and reducing fall risk from slipping.

Floor Scrubbing is the most effective Degreaser

Restaurants, kitchens, manufacturing plants have to control residual grease from cooking and manufacturing processes.  Floor scrubbing is the most effective way to remove grease build up from floor surfaces.  

Scrubbing is the most important step to prepare floors for waxing

Have you ever seen a vct floor that had food, hair and other debris trapped in the wax?  Or perhaps you have seen a floor that was waxed but still looks dirty?  Scrubbing floors prior to waxing and removing all debris and wax buildup is the most important step in floor waxing preparation.  Savannah Professional Maintenance’s Floor Maintenance professionals scrub floors thoroughly and remove all debris, hair and assure floors meet our quality assurance standards prior to applying wax.   

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