Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Savannah Professional Maintenance

At Savannah Professional Maintenance we clean carpet differently.  Our method responds well to stains, dries quickly with no residue because we do not clean with soap or detergent based cleaners.  Low moisture carpet cleaning reduces down time for your business, prevents the risk of mold or mildew and is better for extending the life of your carpet.

What you need to know about Savannah Professional Maintenance’s Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Method increases time between cleaning
  • Low moisture carpet cleaning means your business is back to work quickly
  • No detergents or soap buildup extends life of carpet
  • Carpet pads will not mold or mildew
  • Removing soil and allergens from carpeting on a regular basis improves health by reducing dust and dander in the air.

Regularly Scheduled Carpet Cleaning Extends Carpet Life

Add Carpet Cleaning to your Commercial Janitorial Plan

Savannah Professional Maintenance can create a floor maintenance schedule as part of your commercial janitorial cleaning package and your carpets will be regularly cleaned without you having to ask.  Carpet cleaning is also available as an individual service.  Let us give your business a quote today!

Clean carpet improves improves employee morale.


Little things that make a big difference. Studies show that employees are happier and more productive when they work in a clean, organized environment. 

Clean carpet is appealing to clients and customers

As a business owner you always want to put your best foot forward. Clean carpet will help your business make a great impression. Customers and clients will have a great first impression when they see your business is attentive to the details.

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