Commercial Floor Stripping

Savannah Professional Maintenance

Stripping floors is an important and rather time consuming task.  It is of utmost importance that all layers of wax are completely removed from floors before layering of new wax.  The expert floor maintenance professionals at Savannah Professional Maintenance have the experience and product knowledge to safely and effectively remove all wax from floors, corners and thresholds.  Additionally Savannah Professional Maintenance will insure that your baseboards, furniture and painted surfaces are not harmed during the floor stripping process.

After floors are properly stripped, scrubbed and dried, the Savannah Professional Maintenance floor maintenance specialists will begin layering 3-5 coats of durable high sheen wax. Your clean, waxed floors will reflect light and look radiant.  

The Savannah Professional Maintenance Floor Stripping Advantage:

  • Floors are thoroughly stripped of all residual wax and cleaned.
  • Attention to detail.  Corners, thresholds and other hard to reach spaces are inspected for residual wax build up.
  • Proper stripping technique is important to the outcome.
  • Furniture, walls and baseboards are protected from damage during the process.
  • End result is a radiant floor that reflects light with a WOW FACTOR!
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