Commercial Floor Waxing

Savannah Professional Maintenance

Waxed floors are the Savannah Professional Maintenance signature specialty.  We guarantee the WOW FACTOR! The radiance, light reflection and the resilience of your freshly waxed floors will wow your staff and clients.  Savannah Professional Maintenance’s floor maintenance specialists will layer 3-5 coats of durable, high sheen light reflecting wax on thoroughly cleaned floors.  The products we use at Savannah Professional Maintenance are the best in the industry.

The Savannah Professional Maintenance choice for high sheen wax is a metal-cross linked, highly durable acrylic hard floor finish provides excellent initial gloss and superior response to high speed burnishing. It can be maintained with either conventional low-speed programs or infrequent (2-3 times a week) high speed burnishing. Brilliance has an outstanding durability and gloss retention even with low maintenance programs. Reduces labor costs in educational and retail facilities through less frequent need to buff, burnish and re-coat, and a reduction in the number of floor stripping’s. UL listed for slip resistance..

Savannah Professional Maintenance Floor Waxing Advantage:

  • Floors are inspected for cleanliness prior to layering wax
  • 3-5 coats of high quality acrylic floor finish is layered on floors
  • Floor finish is slip resistant
  • Floors are inspected for quality after drying 
  • Our commitment is the SPM WOW FACTOR!   

Guaranteed WOW FACTOR!  Call today for a quote!


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