Commercial Floor Spray Buffing

Savannah Professional Maintenance

High traffic on vct tile floors in a busy environment will increase wear and tear on floors and wear wax down.  Implementing a floor maintenance plan to maintain floors between scheduled stripping and waxing will keep your floors looking fresh and maintained.  Savannah Professional Maintenance can add routine spray buffing services to your commercial janitorial plan or provide as needed.

Spray buffing utilizes a wax repair solution that is applied after floors are thoroughly dusted and mopped.  After drying, a high speed burnisher or buffing machine with a pad are used to polish floors.  Floors are “repaired” and will look freshly waxed at a fraction of the cost of complete stripping and waxing.  

Benefits of Spray Buffing services by Savannah Professional Maintenance :

  • Routine spray buffing keeps floors looking fresh at clean at all times
  • Ideal for high traffic businesses such as school, gyms, hospitals
  • Increased safety, waxed floors reduce risk of slip and fall injuries
  • Extended time between complete stripping and waxing
  • Cost effective 
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