Commercial Marble and Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

Savannah Professional Maintenance

Caring for beautifully laid stone floors is a specialty and stone floor care should only be entrusted to floor maintenance professionals.  Stone floors should be dust mopped regularly and mopped with a mild cleaner with a ph of 7, dried with a bonnet and intermittently lightly scrubbed to remove any residual dirt. Savannah Professional has been entrusted to care for stone floors at many of Savannah’s high profile historic buildings including local museums, historic churches, hotels and Class A office space.

Stone floors are designed to reflect light and they can only look their best when they are clean with no dust or soap residue.  Stone floors are significant architecturally and are an integral part of the buildings they are in.  Their beauty and unique design cannot be compromised due to damage from harsh chemicals and improper cleaning processes. 

Stone Cleaning, the Savannah Professional Maintenance Guarantee:

  • Experienced floor technicians 
  • Quality cleaning products and methods will be used
  • Stone will never be waxed on our watch
  • Stone will radiate light when properly cleaned by Savannah Professional Maintenance floor professionals
  • Our WOW FACTOR floor guarantee!

Call today for a quote for your stone floors.  WOW FACTOR GUARANTEED!


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