Commercial Janitorial Services

Savannah Professional Maintenance

Commercial Janitorial services bring cost effective value to businesses, facilities, schools, religious entities and buildings.  As a building owner utilizing one provider for all commercial janitorial services such as Savannah Professional Maintenance insures a consistent level of high quality commercial janitorial services throughout your building.  Building owners will find tenants value the benefit of having commercial janitorial services as part of their lease agreement and the building manager benefits from knowing the units throughout the building are being maintained at the same level of quality.

Commercial Janitorial service improves employee morale. Employees can focus on their job responsibilities without having concerns about housekeeping issues.  Additionally employing Savannah Professional Maintenance for all commercial janitorial services assures that employees are able to access clean restrooms, common areas and work space on a daily basis. 

What makes Savannah Professional Maintenance’s Commercial Janitorial Services different:

  • We design a commercial janitorial service plan specific to your business.
  • Savannah Professional Maintenance can design a Green Cleaning plan utilizing all plant based cleaning solutions as an alternative to traditional cleaning.
  • Savannah Professional Maintenance follows a Quality Assurance program designed to insure your business is receiving quality commercial Janitorial Services at all times.
  • Our employees are professional and highly trained to perform commercial janitorial services. 
  • 24/7 call service and local accountability

Customized Commercial Janitorial Services Plans

Every business and organization’s commercial janitorial needs differ. Savannah Professional Maintenance understands the need for designing a cost effective plan that meets the commercial janitorial needs of the 1x per week customer to the customer who needs a more extensive commercial janitorial plan customized for a busy working environment.

Commercial Janitorial Service Availability – We’re there!

Savannah Professional Maintenance can provide all commercial janitorial services for any shift.  Early morning, mid-day porting, evenings and weekends.  We have the trained commercial janitorial staff to meet the demands of your business. 


Day Porting Commercial Janitorial Service

Many businesses and facilities find it helpful to employ commercial janitorial staff during the day to assure the cleanliness of their business facility or building is maintained.  Day staff insures that facilities look their best at all times and keep bathrooms clean and stocked, break rooms clean, empty trash and patrol exterior grounds.   

Green Cleaning Commercial Janitorial Options

Savannah Professional Maintenance can offer green cleaning product options. There are many green plant based cleaning products that can improve air quality, reduce allergens, and minimize exposure to petroleum based fragrances in chemicals.  Many of today’s green cleaning products are an excellent alternative to chemical based cleaning products.  

Educational Facility Commercial Janitorial Services

 Educational facilities benefit from utilizing Savannah Professional Maintenance’s highly trained commercial janitorial staff as an alternative to system hired custodial staff.  Savannah Professional Maintenance can provide the staff needed to maintain schools throughout the day and custodial staff to perform necessary transitions.  Night staff will thoroughly clean classrooms, sanitize restrooms, remove trash and mop.  Additional floor maintenance services can be added to the package to insure your school is always looking it’s best.  




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