For the past 15 years stainless steel has emerged in design. Stainless is functional, clean and durable. The quality of the finishes has drastically improved over the years. But it is not all hearts and roses in the world of maintaining stainless. In fact, quite the opposite! Maintaining stainless in a busy environment can make you pull your hair out!

There are many stainless cleaners to choose from. There are sprays and wipes and some articles suggest using olive oil sparingly. Common sense tells us a glass cleaner would work best but it dulls the metal and leaves discoloration.

Stainless cleaners are oil based. There are several on the market and I feel our company has tried them all. We prefer the Sprayaway Stainless Cleaner which can be found online at Sams Clubs. The best way to apply stainless cleaner is to use a microfiber over and over so it becomes fairly saturated with the cleaner. Spray the cleaner directly on the cloth and apply the cleaner in one direction. Be sure to spray the cleaner on your cloth either outside or over trash can because the oil will get on your floor and cause a slipping hazard and it is hard to get off. Using a clean microfiber, buff out any residual cleaner to reveal a mirror like surface. Then threaten everyone if they touch it!