As a leading provider of janitorial and floor maintenance services Savannah Professional Maintenance is consistently evaluating products. Product evaluation and implementation of the right products is key to our success. Many of the products we use are available to the general public at local grocery stores and home improvement stores.

Savannah Professional Maintenance was recently tasked with cleaning 75 toilets that had been sitting for almost 3 years with no use. During that time calcium builds up at the water line and fortunately the water was still in the toilets although it caused severe discoloring of the porcelain from iron in the water. To attack this problem we lowered the water in the bowl using a bowl brush and pushing the water back into the tank through the exit. Once lowered we applied one of our favorite “old school” products, Whink to the porcelain. After just minutes the bowls were perfectly white and refreshed.

Whink is hard to find. Publix carries it as well as some True Value Hardware stores. The label can be deceiving because it says “RUST STAIN REMOVER”. It is a brown bottle and upon examination you will see in small letters “Whink”.

Thank you Whink for making our job easier!