When choosing a commercial janitorial and floor maintenance company it is important to define customer expectations and implement procedures that ensure accountability. Inspections should be structured and implemented routinely to identify potential problems and oversights before the customer has to file a formal complaint. An inspection is also a great time to build rapport with the customer and make suggestions for additional a la carte services that can increase building value.

Savannah Professional Maintenance is a full service commercial janitorial cleaning and floor maintenance company. Savannah Professional Maintenance’s Quality Assurance program provides weekly inspections for new customers and quarterly inspections for invested customers performed by a qualified trained supervisor. Both the customer and the employees receive a copy of the QA Form which documents issues and corrective measures to be taken. The inspector will perform a follow up visit within 7 days to assure the corrections have been made.

Identifying problems before the customer has to file a complaint and holding our company and employees accountable is the foundation of the Savannah Professional Maintenance culture.