It’s the peak of pollen season and for people who suffer from seasonal allergies a miserable time of year. Watery eyes, runny noses, sore throats, sneezing, coughing…but oh look at the beautiful trees and flowers blooming everywhere dotting our landscape with WOW moments of beauty. It’s March in the SOUTH, the wind is blowing more than usual and circulating pollen from the beautiful flowers and pine trees (the biggest culprit) everywhere.

The weather is nice and we like to sit on our pollen covered screened in porch. It is almost futile to address the pollen which has settled everywhere because in 30 minutes it will be back. I do have a few cleaning tips to help keep pollen down while we suffer through the beautiful Spring season in the South!

For outside cleaning, I typically find that using the blower to remove the bulk of pollen from furniture, pillows and horizontal surfaces works best. Don;t forget to hit the fixtures if you have any like ceiling fans and lights. I then get 2 buckets of water and add some vinegar to one and keep one for rinsing my microfiber cloth. I wipe everything down rinsing my rag repeatedly. Once everything has dried I go back over it with a dry microfiber. It’s a lot of work for an afternoon of sunshine, perfect temperatures and listening to birds but to us it is well worth the effort.

And without the pesky yellow powder floating around in March we wouldn’t have all of the beautiful spring bounty of beauty to enjoy.