Waxed floors provide three major benefits for your business.  They protect your floor by extending the life of it by preventing grime from foot traffic and carts and machinery from damaging the floors.  A clean waxed floor is attractive to customers and easier to maintain. And believe it or not, a waxed floor is actually safer than a non-waxed floor for preventing slip and fall accidents.

After you have had your floors waxed by a professional floor maintenance company like Savannah Professional Maintenance, you will want to maintain them by using COLD water and a neutral floor cleaner with a ph of around 7.  You will want to dust mop regularly and possibly consider a maintenance plan to keep the floors glossy by adding a finish and spray buffing monthly.  When floors begin to look dull you will need to strip all wax from the floor using a good stripper, remove all of the grime and dirt from the floor.  Then you will use a floor scrubber to assure the floors are very clean and all debris and dirt is removed.  Using a cotton finish mop you will apply 3-6 coats of finish with sealer.

It is always best to let the professionals strip, clean, wax and maintain your floors.