Janitorial “Environmental Specialists” have been quietly supporting essential business, medical providers and public safety during the COVID 19 pandemic. In the janitorial industry most quality companies require staff to operate using “universal precautions” when dealing with bodily fluids, however the COVID 19 crisis has taken things to another level. So the faithful supporters don their masks, gloves and goggles and in medical and disinfecting settings hazmat suits!

So it is with a grateful heart that I heartily thank all of the environmental specialists who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our frontline workers are taken care of. You have represented our industry well and asked for little praise. To those who have been called upon to disinfect workplaces after a “case” and those who have performed daily disinfecting for businesses that continue to operate through the storm, you are appreciated.

We are looking forward to emerging from this moment in time that will be part of history. I am proud to be part of an industry that has supported the people on the front line of the pandemic. It appears all of the efforts are paying off.