As janitorial professionals it is our job to know the customer’s desired level of cleaning and initiate the appropriate protocol. There is a significant difference in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.

Cleaning is cleaning. It does not significantly impact the level of bacteria, viruses, fungus and other “bad” stuff that can live on surfaces. It is level one “cleaning”.

Sanitizing is using specific products to lower the level of “bad stuff” on surfaces, however it does not completely rid the areas of all viruses and bacteria. Most people make an extra effort to sanitize their homes when someone in the family has been sick. Bleach is recommended for home use for sanitizing hard surfaces, objects, and floors that can handle bleach application. It is important for any disinfectant to sit on a surface for at least 5 minutes to be effective.

Disinfecting is what hospitals and medical facilities implement. To properly disinfect, you must use a high level EPA approved germicidal chemical, wear proper protective gear including goggles, mix ad apply the solution properly. This type of application can significantly lower the risk of infection.

For someone to become ill many factors have to be present. Most of us have immune systems designed to protect us from becoming ill. Children, older people and people with underlying health issues seem to have more chance of becoming ill, and of course everyone wants to do their due diligence to prevent illness when possible.