2019-nCoV has been identified by the CDC as the cause of an outbreak of a respiratory virus and has been determined to spread person-to-person. In response to the increased concern for minimizing the spread of 2019-nCoV, Savannah Professional Maintenance has researched BSCAI recommendations for disinfecting hard surfaces and developed a protocol to ensure we provide our customers with options to improve disinfection in their facilities.

Currently there are no tests to measure the efficacy of cleaning products against 2019-nCoV, however due to past experience mitigating other coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV commercial janitorial companies have a good idea what products will be effective. Additionally, this type of virus is easy to in activate on non-porous surfaces.

Typically transmitted through hand contact, it is important to keep light switches, door knobs, table tops and faucets disinfected. Using an EPA-registered disinfectant properly is key. Additionally, frequent hand washing for at least 30 seconds and using alcohol based hand sanitizer will help prohibit the spread of viruses.

Experts recommend commercial janitorial companies thoroughly disinfect areas that are frequently touched on a regular schedule. Handrails, toilets, bathroom fixtures and other high contact points. Bathrooms are of particular importance and employers should encourage employees and visitors to maintain good bathroom hygiene.

Savannah Professional Maintenance works closely with vendors who provide us with EPA registered products for disinfecting and educate our staff on proper usage.

Savannah Professional Maintenance is available to answer questions and offer resources in response to current concerns regarding 2019 nCoV.