Saving time and energy in the janitorial business is one of the keys to profitability. Every minute counts. Cordless vacuums utilized in the home or in a professional environment make vacuuming hard floors and carpets more efficient and I find at home I am more apt to perform the task because I can just grab the vacuum and in 5 minutes or so I have vacuumed the whole house. The attachments add even more value to the cordless experience. Throw on the brush and you can do blinds, light fixtures and upholstery quickly with a great result.

So I have tried them all! From the most expensive Dyson to the knock off brands on Amazon. I hate to say you get what you pay for but by far the Dyson is in my opinion the best. I currently have 4 V7 cordless in use in my home and businesses. The “run time”, quality of parts and ease of emptying make the Dyson worth the money. For the Shark fans I give the Shark cordless a thumbs up as well but in some cases it can be more expensive than the Dyson V7, depending on sale opportunities going on at the time of purchase. Please don’t waste your money on any of the “knock off” brands. The batteries do not last, the parts are not great quality and over the long term you won;t get the “bang for your buck” that you will get from the Dyson or Shark.

So do yourself a favor and put a Dyson on your Christmas list. It may not be a diamond but it will make you very happy!