Employing a janitorial company will help your business have more engaged employees. Coming into a clean workplace each day is refreshing and everyone can start their day on a positive note. You would probably not be surprised to know that starting your day off with an overflowing trash can, dishes in the sink, no toilet paper does not make create a culture of happy employees.

Commercial janitorial cleaning companies offer a wide variety of services for your business. Regular service is usually performed 3-5 nights per week depending on the number of employees and business traffic. If a business is extremely busy they will sometimes employ a day porter to maintain their facility throughout the day and have the deeper cleaning performed at night. Savannah Professional Maintenance offers service schedules based on the specific needs of your business and can also handle routine maintenance of waxed floors, tile, carpet, upholstery, windows/glass and air vents.

Commercial janitorial cleaning is affordable and it is the best way to add value to your business.