Commercial property owners and businesses have a tendency to continuously renew janitorial contract sunless there are glaring issues and complaints from employees and tenants. The next time you shop around for janitorial services you should consider the value of using a privately owned janitorial service over a franchise or third party sub-contractor.

Quality cleaning only happens when enough time is spent cleaning, there has been proper training on product usage and cleaning procedures. A privately owned company will generally be honest with you about these things and create a plan specifically for your business and not give you a price just based on square footage. While the privately owned company price may be slightly higher the quality will be better and there will be more accountability and 24/7 access to management and local owners.

Privately owned janitorial companies provide their own equipment and supplies and ensure employees are properly trained to use them. Employees are W2 employees who are fully covered by the company’s liability and workman’s comp insurance. Anything that happens in your place of business will be covered under their insurance. W2 employees also go through orientation, full background checks and the employee has direct control over the employee.

Most importantly is the relationship a company can build with a privately owned janitorial company. If extra services are needed or there is a problem with service a privately owned company is eager to respond, make corrections and assistant the customer in their time of need. As a privately owned janitorial company since 1972 Savannah businesses have trusted Savannah Professional Maintenance to take care of their janitorial and floor maintenance needs.