Stone floors are designed to shine when light is reflected off of them. The floor must first be installed evenly and properly maintained in order to radiate it’s natural beauty. Savannah Professional Floor Maintenance has been maintaining stone floors in Savannah’s historic district since 1972 and has unsurpassed experience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining specialty flooring.

It is important to keep stone floors clean on a daily basis using a low ph cleanser or water for mopping. This will reduce the chance of leaving any residue behind and not damage the floors. Using bleach, ammonia, vinegar for example will damage stone floors. Dust mopping daily or several times a day will keep dirt and debris off of the floor as well as vacuuming on a floor setting (no beater bar). Adding any type of wax is not recommended for any stone flooring other than terrazzo tile. Depending on the daily wear and tear or to restore and clean a stone tile floor Savannah Professional Maintenance would perform a “light scrub” using a low abrasive pad to remove dirt and build up followed up with a specialty stone floor shining technique to restore the floor to it’s original beauty.

Savannah Professional Floor Maintenance strongly suggests that customers turn to floor maintenance experts to restore and maintain the beauty of stone floors. This is a specialty field and it is wise to utilize the experience of a company with the background and knowledge to deliver.